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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Parenting for Dummies: The best school for your kid

Parenting for Dummies: The best school for your kid
Just as every child is different, so is every parent and their parenting styles. But one thing is common among all parents. They want only the best for their kids. Parents(specially Indian parents) may scrimp on other essentials but for their children, only the best will do.
But when it comes to schools, many parents make the mistake of prioritising schools over kids. What they must realise is that the best school in India, may not be the best school for their kid.
Every child is special and has her own special abilities. We must encourage that ability to make our child stand out from the rest of the herd.
To help you select the school that will realize your child's talent and help to nourish and polish it, we have compiled a list of 10 schools from all over India that encourage not just traditional academic disciplines but extra curricular activities and talents too, so that your child is provided with a wider horizon toexplore her abilities and develop her personality in a holistic manner.

1.       Extra Curricular activities
Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan School is one such institution in Chennaithat is famous for its drive to promote extracurricular activities like debating, in its students. Three of it's students represented India and reached the  finals of the World Schools Debates Society in 2017, held in Croatia.
2.       Languages
Mallya Aditi international school is a reputed centre of education in Bangalore which has consistently given great results. If your child has a flair for languages, this school would be a great choice as they have a dedicated program for arts and languages with many activities like read-a-thon, author evenings, literary quizzes and more.

3.       Arts
We found a wonderful school for your kid if she is inclined towards the arts! The Valley School in Bangalore believes in the principle that arts and sciences are both equally important for the holistic development of a child. And hence, they have gone the extra mile and created an amphitheatre for their arts society. The school has hosted nationally acclaimed artwork, plays and musicals. They even have an arts village built around the amphitheatre!

4.       Science and maths
Bestowed with the accololade of being the Eton of the East, Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore is every bit worth the hype. The school focusses on the overall development of a child's personality.
But it’s science and math programs are worth a special mention.The school has built a separate science Centre named the Elphipck Research Centre which has Physics, Chemistry, Bio and Computer Science labs matching international standards. If your ward is a science or math wizkid, this is the school to go!

5.       International schools
International schools are the rage these days! As India grows more affluent, more and more parents are aspiring to send their kids for further studies abroad. Consequently, schools affiliated with international boards of education have come to be preferred over others.
If you to wish to send your ward to foreign countries like the USA, UK or Canada for higher studies, SAI International School in Bhubaneshwar is a good choice. The school follows the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), aboard of education recognised the world over for its excellence and high standards.
6.       Music
Music has been recognised, the world over as a great tool for busting anxiety, enhancing creativity and boosting memory.Many modern schools incorporate music as a teaching tool in their curriculum. If your child has a musical bend, you should select a school like The Valley School in Bangalore. The school has an Arts Village where classes are held regularly for music, dance and other alternative learning activities.

7.       Dance
Is your child blessed with a gift of dancing ability? Don’t let her talents lay waste, send her to a school that appreciates and nourishes her gifts. Mother's International School in New Delhi is one such school that understands the importance of dance as a form of art and learning. They believe that through dance, a student gains important insights into learning the learning process like picking up subtle details, following a routine, grabbing new ideas quickly and increased focus. The school lays great emphasis on dance and other arts as an integral par of the comprehensive development of a students' personality.

8.       Sports
·         If your child is a gifted athlete and you want to give her every opportunity to hone her skills, look no further than Sanskaar Valley School in Bhopal.The school encourages sports in its students and extensive provisions have been made to facilitate the athletic pursuit of its students. The school has facilities for yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, skating rinks, swimming pool, badminton and squash courts. It also provides ample opportunities for its students who prefer outdoor sports, by providing a state of the art cricket pitch, basketball courts, football field and tennis courts on its campus.

9.       Exchange programmes
Exchange programs are programmes designed to give high school students a chance to live in a country culturally different from their own. A popular program among students in Europe and the Americas, exchange programs offer students a chance to experience different cultures and give them invaluable life lessons and the confidence of a global citizen. Exchange programs are also a great way for parents, who intend to send their kids abroad for further studies, to prepare their wards for the way ahead. Mostly fully funded, exchange programs put no financial pressure on the parents. Not many schools in India provide exchange programs as of now, but schools in metropolitan cities Jamia Millia Islamia Senior Secondary School in Delhi provide this opportunity to their students

10.   Speciallyabled kids
The Aditya Birla Integrated School(TABIS) in Mumbai is one of the finest educational institutions in India for children with special needs. The school provides world class supportive infrastructure and highly qualified educators and support staff to its students. Each student’s learning program is designed according to their special requirements and learning speed. If you are looking for a special school for your child's learning needs, TABIS could be a great choice.

This list in no way a comprehensive take on the best school in India for your child, as there are many more schools that deserve a name on this list like La Martiniere, Kolkata; Rishi Public School, Gurgaon; DPS, Vasant Kunj to name a few. We only endeavour to provide you with an idea to make the right choice for your kids’ future keeping in mind their inclinations and abilities

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