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Friday, August 17, 2018



Need School, Sonadanga, Khulna (Near Gollamari CSS School)
==Non-Gonernment-School (নিড স্কুল)==
  1. Lions School, Khulna,
  2. SOS Herman miner school,

IGV school

  1. UCEP-K C C School, Rupsha
  2. UCEP-Sonadanga School, Sonadanga
  3. UCEP-M A Majid School, Fulbarigate
  4. UCEP-Khalishpur School, Khalishpur
  5. UCEP-Zohra Samad School, Tootpara
  6. UCEP-Wazed Ali School, Banorgati

Technical school

  • Technical Training Center Khulna, Fulbarigate, Khulna.
  • Khulna Shipyard Technical Training Center, Shipyard Main Road, Rupsha, Khulna-9201
  • UCEP-Mohsin Khulna Technical School, 7, Junction Road, Baikali, Khulna.
UCEP's Khulna Regional office is situated there.

English Medium Schools

  1. Rosedale International English School
  2. South Herald English Medium School
  3. Morning Bell English Medium School
  4. Tulip English School
  5. Sunflower Tutorial
  6. Elizabeth Primary School
  7. Military Collegiate School Khulna
  8. Navy Anchorage Khulna.
  9. Islamabad Collegiate School Khulna

Govt Colleges

  1. Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College (HSC, Honors, Masters), Babu Khan Road
  2. Govt. B.L. College (HSC, Honors, Masters), Daulatpur, Khulna.
  3. Khulna Govt. Girls College (Honors, Masters), Boyra, Khulna.
  4. Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College, Glaxo More, Khulna.
  5. Govt. Pioneer Woman's College,South-Central Road, Khulna.
  6. Govt. Bangabandhu College, Rupsha, Khulna.
  7. Govt. L.B.K Mohila College, Dacope, Khulna.
  8. Haji Mohammad Mohasin College(Honours),Khalishpur,Khulna.
  9. South East Engineering College, Mujgunni Mohasarok, Khulna.
  10. Govt. M.M. City College, Khulna.

Non govt. Colleges

  1. Islamia Degree College, Boyra, Khulna.
  2. Khulna College
  3. Daulatpur College (Day/Night), Daulatpur, Khulna.
  4. Dumuria College, Dumuria, Khulna-9250 ( Estd: 1973)
  5. Ahsanullah College (Honours), KDA Ave., Khulna.
  6. Jahanabad Cantonment Public School & College, Cantonment, Gilatola, Khulna.
  7. Saburunessa Girls' College, Gagan Babu Road, Khulna.
  8. Sarowar Khan Degree College, Senhati, Khulna.
  9. Khulna Public College, Boyra, Khulna.
  10. Khulna Model School & College, Boyra, Khulna.
  11. Bangladesh Navy School & College, Goalkhali, Khulna.
  12. Khulna Collegiate Girls' School & College, Rupsha, Khulna.
  13. Rayermohal Degree College, Rayarmohol, Khulna.
  14. Bajua S.N College - Dacope, Khulna
  15. Shaheed Smrity Mohila College, Dumuria-9250 (1995)
  16. Moulana vasane Beddapeth girl school & college < khalishpur khulna>
  17. Rupsha College, East Rupsha, Khulna.

Public Universities

  1. Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Fulbari Gate, Khulna.
  2. Khulna University, Gollamari, Khulna.

Private Universities

  1. Northern University of Business and Technology Khulna www.nubtkhulna.ac.bd
  2. North Western University, Khulna
  3. Khulna Digital University
  4. America Bangladesh University

Medical colleges

  1. Khulna Medical College
  2. Gazi Medical College
  3. Ad-Din Akij Medical College
  4. Khulna Homoeopathic Medical College

Art College

Polytechnic Institutions

  1. Hazrat Shahjalal Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  2. Sundarban Institute of Technology, Boyra, Khulna.
  3. Khulna Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  4. Khanjahan Ali College Of Science And Technology, Khulna
  5. Khulna Technical And Engineering College, Khulna
  6. Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  7. Mangrove Institute Of Science And Technology ,Khulna
  8. North South Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  9. City Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  10. Hope Polytechnic Institute,Gollamari, Khulna

Military School

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