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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Anybody saying that sex toys and self-pleasure are the side effects of progress is just plain wrong. They’ve always existed alongside everyday life, it might just be that puritanism and prudishness might be the side effect of “progress” that keeps people in denial about the importance and existence of sex toys and self-pleasure. Here’s a short list of the history of sex toys.

28,000 BC

This officially counts as a pre-historic era. The sex toys may not be the best to look at but I’m sure couples and individuals were discovering new peaks of pleasure even before “morality” existed.

400 BC-200 AD

 Written in parts across that time period, the Kama Sutra suggests a penis piercing made of gold or ivory or even wood to enhance the length of the penis for female pleasure.

500 AD

Originally devised in Japan for women to be able to pleasure men further while having sex with them, it didn’t take women too long to start using the Ben Wa balls on themselves and finding self-fulfilment. Did you know that kegel exercisers are the modern Ben Wa balls? Find out more.

1200 AD

The Chinese invented the cock ring originally to be able to copulate for longer. The men, apparently, were under the pressure to impregnate their wives as well as their concubines. Click here to buy cock rings and penis rings in India.

1869 AD

Based on their sexist findings that women suffer from “hysteria”, Doctors invented the first steam-powered vibrator as a device to cure women of the hysteria. Today, we have it much easier (plus, vibrators have become much more stylish and handy!): Click here to buy battery operated and rechargeable vibrating dildos and get them shipped discreetly across India!

1902 AD

Blender manufacturer Hamilton made the first electric vibrator. Note: This was before even an electric iron, vacuum cleaner or many other basic home appliances were invented. A woman’s pleasure always came before what was traditionally considered woman’s work.


The first patent for a cordless vibrator was filed by JH Travel. Check out the marvel of their engineering from the patent.


Hitachi introduced its famous magic wand. This took the market by a storm. Vibrators had started making an appearance in porn films. Did you know that the magic wand is still one of the most popular vibrators today? Order yours here and get it delivered discreetly across India!
Since then, things have continued to evolve faster. Today, we even have remote controlled sex toys for couples that pleasure both partner simultaneously!
So ladies and gentlemen, sex toys are as old and as evolved as all of us. Don’t just look at a sex toy and think that it’s something to be taken any less seriously. It didn’t come out of nowhere. Over the years it has been developed, designed and improved upon to make sure we’re the masters of our own pleasures.
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