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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The longest lunar eclipse of the century, the Bible contains predictions of destruction!

The longest lunar eclipse of 21st century is going to occur on July 27. This Khagrassa is a lunar eclipse that is, the complete lunar eclipse. This is an important celestial phenomenon for the world.
This lunar eclipse will be the longest lunar eclipse from 2001 to year 2100. Its total duration will be 6 hours 14 minutes.
In this case, full moon eclipse will remain for 103 minutes.
Religious Book of Christianity In one place in the Bible this moonlight is considered to be an indicator of the destruction of the earth. These are some of the things mentioned in the Bible in a UK website.
The Christian minister 'John Hegie' and 'Mark Litz' say that the frequent lunar eclipse of 4 times indicates the destruction of the Earth.
He told that the longest lunar eclipse was on April 14, 2014, followed by 8 October 2014 and 28 September 2015.
The prophecies of the end of the earth have been made in 2:20 and 6:12 chapters of the Bible. Let's know how the prophecies have been made in the Bible.
In chapter 2:30 to 31 of Book of Joel, it has been said that, 'And I will show miracles on heaven and earth, bloods, fire and smoke pillars.'
It has been said in the Book of Joel that, before the coming of Jesus, the sun will be darkened and the moon will turn into red.
Apart from this, in a second chapter it has been said that there will be severe earthquakes during the end of the earth, the light of the sun will turn out to be dark and the color of the moon will become red like blood.
But astronomers have dismissed all these things incorrectly.
Astronomers have blamed the sunlight on the moon's red redness, which is called 'Rayleigh scattering'.

Apart from this, astronomers have also told 'Relere Scattering' the reason for the rising of the sun and the sky falling in the sky.
The longest lunar eclipse in the moonlight that falls on July 27 is expected, due to its religious beliefs, there is a possibility of some bad effects on the earth.
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