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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


1. Study The Kama Sutra
There is a technique mentioned in the Kama Sutra can help you last longer in bed. With this technique, you will start slowly with no more than one “in/out” stroke every three seconds. Then, you build more strokes slowly over the intercourse of about 4-5 minutes, till you move one stroke each second.
2. Get Out Of Your Head
The anxiety during intercourse is the top killer of sustaining an erection. The advice is to shift your thinking to a more confident level, instead of the worried one. When you start to feel stress, the strategy is to stop, and take a deep breath before focusing on how things are within the body. Just get rid of negative thoughts and pay attention into your own body and your feelings because your feelings will produce you.
3. Try New Sex Positions
In reality, some specific sex positions could stimulate you faster and make you orgasm faster than others and some positions could help you last longer in bed. The missionary position is safe, yet some unconventional ones might help you experience great sex. However, you will never know what works till you really try.
4. Ejaculatory Muscle Control
Have you asked yourself that what physically causes you to ejaculate? There is an important muscle that takes control of your ejaculation. When this muscle is in the relaxed state, it is physically impossible for you to ejaculate. It is called PC muscle and is responsible for releasing semen during your ejaculation.
5. Control Mental Health And Confidence
In the old days, premature ejaculation was thought to be linked to mental problems and men with premature ejaculation were often prescribed with psychiatrists or hypnotherapy. This did not work well, as you guess. While premature ejaculation is basically physical, that does not mean the mental side of it is not crucial.
6. Masturbate More Often
In order to know how to last longer in bed, it is necessary for you to masturbate more often and get more in touch with your own sexual response. When you stimulate yourself, just simply stop yourself before you reach the point of no return. For example, on a scale of 1-10, with the orgasm being a 10, you stop yourself at an around an 8.
7. Learn Cool Down Methods
Whether you have premature ejaculation or not, it is still a good idea to know several cool down methods which you could practice in case you begin to lose your control and find yourself going to the point of no return. There are a lot of tips to cool down your system and help you last longer in bed that you could learn
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