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Tuesday, July 10, 2018



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This piece is a special one for all the guys out there who want to satisfy their woman and nail the technique it requires to really hit the 'spot'. Trust us guys: Making a woman come is all about understanding the female body and stimulating her pleasure spots. And by the way, making a woman come during sex has nothing to do with penis size!
doggy style1. Doggy style
Not only it is the most stimulating sex position, but women are able to adjust their legs and get the maximum thrust. Guys should rub the clitoris to get their woman climax as the clitoris is reachable in this position. (Image credit: Men's Journal)

girl on top2. Girl on TopIf your girl insists on going on top, there is a reason for it. It allows the girls to get more control of her body movements and get maximum penetration. Guys can use their arms to lift her thighs up and down to get that thrust going, and she can have access to her clitoris to get that mind-blowing orgasm. Try a vibrating pleasure ring to stimulate the clit in this position. (Image Credit: Cosmopolitan)

rocking horse3. The Fantastic Rocking Horse
This is another excellent position when she is on top at an angle against her man. The angle gives her that desired diagonal penetration which hits her G-spot right on. (Image credit: aufeminin.com)

4. Missionary
This classic position lives on. Women find this position to be more intimate, and they feel relaxed. It works best when you go inside her at a diagonal angle and not straight. That is the secret!

spider5. The Spider
In this position, both partners are seated on the bed with legs towards each other, arms back to support yourselves. The woman's hips will be in between his spread legs, her knees bent and feet outside his hips and flat on the bed. Her back is arched exposing the clitoris so that it can be stimulated. You can ask her to try this today. (Image credit: Women's Health)

696. The 69
Isn’t making love all bout satisfying each other and feeling that intimacy? The 69 is a great way for both partners to get a climax. Both can play around as to what he/she feels is best while simultaneously receiving pleasure. This position can become that edge you needed in bed. (Image credit: Women's Health)

The ultimate pleasure lies in going steady while being gentle on the clitoris and giving her time feel your moves. Alternatively, surprise her with some goodies she can play around with while you play around with her! Our tip for adventurous couples: Vibrating cock rings are worn at the base of the penis during sex and provide additional clitoral stimulation to help her reach orgasm. Click here to check out our collection of vibrating pleasure rings, available for discreet delivery across India.

Want to learn more about sex positions ideal for female pleasure? Read Best Sex Positions For Guys With Small Penises.

ramanWritten by Ramandeep Kaur. Raman is a writer, feminist, cook, adventure freak, and a proud aunt. She took over writing almost five years back after quitting a Manager position. So she follows her instincts, works hard and parties harder. Raman wants her readers to feel happy and informed by her writings, so her style is simple, short but fun. Catch up with her if you happen to be in Auckland, NZ. She likes coffee.
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