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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bangladesh is the third in the world in fish of natural resources

News Sources: Prothom Alo
Bangladesh has emerged as the world's third largest producer of fish from natural sources. This information was disclosed in the report released on 9 July by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO. China and India are ranked one and two respectively. Two years ago, Bangladesh was the fifth place to produce fish of natural origin. Now, the main contribution behind the major development was the Hilsa.
According to the report, The State of Fish and Aquaculture - 2012, Bangladesh is now fourth in the process of fisheries and natural resources. Bangladesh has kept this position for four years. And Bangladesh is in fifth position as a farmer only.
F.O.O. and Fisheries experts in Bangladesh say that the production of fish obtained from river-haor-banned-bills and other open water bodies has played a major role in the development of the hilsa. In Bangladesh, 10,48 thousand tons of fish are produced from natural sources in Bangladesh in 2017. Hilsa was about 5 lakh tons. Hilsa production increased by almost one and a half million tonnes in three years due to the creation of new government sanctuaries and hilsa to stop the eradication of Jatka.
It has been said in the report that more than half of the animal is consumed by fish in seven countries of the world. Bangladesh now has 58 percent of the country's meat in the country in Qatar. Where the average 20 percent of the animal is consumed by the fish from the fish.
A team of FAO is currently in Bangladesh to cooperate with the government to determine the reserves of the coastal fish of Bangladesh. The leader of their team leader Foor Asia and Pacific Regional Officer Susanna Siyar talked with the first light. In evaluating this success of Bangladesh in producing sweet water fish, the scientists of Bangladesh have played an important role in increasing fish production from natural sources. Apart from this, the success of Bangladesh in the production of Hilsa has played a major role in this position.
Contains 60 fish of fish From the Bangladesh Institute of Fisheries, 60 technologies of fish farming and management have already been invented. Scientists of the company have produced 18 fishes of extinct species. Apart from this, they have developed vaccines to prevent fish diseases. These technologies were developed by Fisheries Department and through various organizations, due to the expansion of the field, the fish production in the country has reached 41.34 million metric tonnes in 2016-17 fiscal year. And now Bangladesh is the fourth (about 4 lakh MT) in the world and third in Asia in the production of tilapia only.
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