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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Android Pattern lock is a best security software for android.It is builtin application.Almost all Android user's like pattern lock and they want to get it for their computers and laptops also.A pattern lock is a type of screen lock where you see 9 dots on the screen,arrange in 3 row and 3 columns.In order to unlock your screen you need to match the dots in the same pattern as you did wile setting up the lock.This pattern is almost impossbile to guess and hence is reliable to be used as your computer's locking system.It is easy to crack pattern lock on your android but on computer it is not possbile.There is only one solution is that reinstalling the windows.So carefully use this software and remember the pattern.The software that we use in this tutorial is also available for free download.Let's start "How to add android pattern lock on pc?".Follow my instructions carefully....

Step 1

  • First of all Goto XUS PC Lock Website and Download the software.
  • Step 2

  • After downloading and installing the package you can see the XUS Lock icon in your System Tray on Right-Bottom Corner.Just Right Click your Mouse for Options.
  • Step 3

  • Once you right Clicked the XUS icon, you can see the option as Follows.

  • Just Select “Configure” for setting up the XUS pc Lock.
  • Step 4 – Setting Up Pattern

  • Finally you’ve entered the XUS Lock Settings Page.

  • Click “Reset Pattern” for removing default pattern.

  • Then Setup your own Pattern as you do in Android by Dragging with Mouse Click.

  • Backup your Pattern. It will save a BMP image of your Pattern. Just make it Hidden and Safe.

  • Done with OK.

    Step 5 – General Settings

  • You are only done with the Initial Pattern Setup. Now we can check the General Setting by clicking “General” Tab.

  • Step 6 – Background

  • This is an Optional Setting where you can change your Background image of the Lock Screen.

  • Click “Background’ Tab. and then set your image by “Pick Image” button.

  • ShortKeys to Pattern Lock

  • Use can simply use “Windows+A” key for Pattern Lock your System.

  • Otherwise you can “Double-Click” the Maze icon in Bottom System Tray.

  • Here is the Screenshot of XUS  Pattern Lock Screen after Lock.

  • Alert on Wrong Pattern Attempt

  • So, here is the good feature added to this Pattern Lock.
  • The computer screen will show a Security Alert Screen with a Siren Sound if we Cross the Wrong Pattern Login Attempts which can be set in “General Tab”.And also you can’t able to Login until the countdown timer ends.(Check General Tab for Time Settings).


    This is How you can Set a Pattern Lock in your Computer as like Android Mobile Phones . Again i am saying that use this as a secondary Lock option along with the Password Lock.
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