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Monday, February 4, 2013

How to create a website on google sites.

                                            Gate A Free Website On Google
Hello Every One
In this post i am showing How to create website on google site without any money.If you want to make a website on google then first of all we need to web space.As we know that Google is a biggest networking search engine site ,in which google provided to us all type of facility and Google is also provide to us free web space for creating website.These types of same facility  provided many sites for example :-

  1. Wordpress.com 
  2. Webs.com
  3. Blog.com
  4. Typed.com
  5. Weebly.com
  6. Mix.com

And all that, But in which google is best for create site.
Google is having two type of site for creating free website.
  1.  Blogger.com
  2. Sites.google.com. 
Requirement for create website.
  1. You need to One Email ID form google. If you do not have a Email ID click  here:-
                                                            Free Email Account 

         1.  First of all choose your google site whose you want to create.
                (Here i am choosing  www.Sites.google.com)

           If you want to create site on www.Blogger.com then click 
                                                Free Website on blogger
         2.Now click here to create website on   Sites.google.com
         3.Enter your Eamil ID and password then click on SIGN IN button.
         4.Click on  CREAT    Button.
         5.Select a template as you like.
         6.Now Enter your site name.(For example:-Hacking.com or other type of site name as you like)
            If show:- The location you have chosen is not available. Learn more...
            Then choose another site name.
         7.Select any one  theme.
         8.Click on More options and write here about your site description.
         9.Type the code shown.
         10.Now click  on  CREAT SITE   Button.

              After click on CREAT SITE  button you will be see this type of image;-
    See more HD wallpaper
    11. Now your site is ready for write articles.just click on edit page button and write anything in which you can do batter
    12 click save

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