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Sunday, July 24, 2011

How can I make money online?

Friends this question i have listened from many peoples who spent daily some time online and want to make some good money by online work method.
So today i will try to solve your all questions.

Daily lacks and crores of people earning thousands and lakhs just by doing online work.
and their is also many people who work on some sites but when the time of payment comes the company escapes and never pays them even a single penny.

Now in your mind  may be this question is arising how can i really earn money online by doing some work.

So i want to tell you a tested and sure method of earning money online just by spending some time online daily or weekly depending on you.

What to do Online to Earn money?

Firstly you need  to select that what do you want to do online ?
because their are many work to do like Freelancers,Web designing, Seo optimising,Affliate marketing,internet marketing etc and many more which eventually i also don't know.
but all these things need some special qualification without it you are unable to do such things .

but one thing is very easy and can do everybody who have basic knowledge of Internet,by creating a blog or a website.

but initially i suggest you to create Blog.

Where can i create blog?

Now this question coming in your mind that how and where can i create a blog.
so let me tell u that at these day two blogging platform are serving working best 
First is Blogger and second is Wordpress.

I suggest you initially, start with Blogger beacuse it does not required  more technical knowledge also easier comparable to Wordpress.

What to post on my Blog?

Now just go to your flashback and remember what thing do you like most from your childhood till now which others also want  to know and searching on internet .
that means just select an Good topic on which you can post.

How can i Earn Money via Blogging?

This section is very important part of this topic.
I am guessing that you may viewing dollars in your mind .
mean it, this thing comes into reality very soon.

You can sign up with ad generating sites like Adsence which take some space of you blog and they give some script. just paste it into your blog.

Now post more quality and original ideas in your posts.

you will see that daily traffic is increasing day by day and clicks on ads is also increasing same.

but this thing is not just one night process you have to follow some golden rules and  have to take lot of cares while posting in your blog also seo plays the vital role in Blogging, which i will tell you in my next part of posts.

Money money -->

Don't always think more only money and dollars in your mind.
firstly do only hardwork with little intelligence and always thing of original and unique ideas  which you can post on your blog.
always firstly concentrate on your blog and try to helping out your visitors and if you do it so.
surely you will get it the same result as per you do.

and remember don't post for money,post for sharing your ideas.
then money will automatically comes in your hands.

What do you think about this post?
Comment your Feelings and Suggestions Into below comment box... Thanks!!!
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