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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A story and things should know every blogger

Blogging is a term which excites every personal initially when he listens and understands it first time.
And from that day he lives in the virtual world of blogging where he always thinking of lots of money and dollars.

But when a new blogger comes into the blogging field he is totally unaware of several most important things that he should know before initiate his posts.
So every blogger should have to know some most important
Blogging basic things like template, posts, ads, traffic seo etc.

In my thinking blogging can be categorise into three phases :-->

1--> Template selection and designing
In this section blogger firstly have to select a good and efficient template and its design according to their topic needs and desires.

2--> Posts
In this phase the blogger posts about his favourite, knowledgeable and his interests topics.
i think for getting minimum good traffic blogger initially have to complete around 100 topics as soon as possible.

3--> Traffic
Traffic is the term which when we listen, an imaginary vision of gathering place comes in our mind
But here in blogging terms its opposite in sense because everybody likes traffic in the internet world.
Because traffic is the root of income in blogging.
The amount of traffic directly increases the revenue and vice versa.

4--> Ads 
For generating good revenue from any blog the most important thing is selection of ads provider and types.
Like Google adsence is always the first choice of blogger but of course there are some few exceptions also.
And another thing is placement of ads in appropriate section in a blog.

5--> Revenue
This part is very much dear of every bloggers. All bloggers dreams about it after completing their several posts and doing other blog work.
Maximum time they always in the process of increasing and increasing their earnings to fulfil their all dreams
And prove it to originality.
After knowing all these thing his knowledge and thinking power  towards blogging increasing vastly and he always in the thought of increasing posts and traffic so the
Lord Laxhmi will come into his house as soon as possible, means revenue will have to generate more and more.

But after posting three or four months his excitement and bearing power decreases very rapidly because off very few response and in a instant he leaves all these thing and continues to their previous life.
But he forgets that his dreams were too high so he also has to do work similarly.
And also he may done some error  that is  mandatory to correct to run his blog in a successful manner.
But but but few exceptions blog continuing their work and increasing and increasing their knowledge and not only increasing themselves they sharing to others also. And after several months and years dedication to their work they becomes the idol of the blogging platform and success kisses their feet and money is in their hands.
So every coin has two sides we have to choose the correct side.

Thanks for reading this post and for giving your precious time.
Comment your Feelings and Suggestions Into below comment box...
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