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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now create Mobile version of Blogger Blogspot Blog

Now  a days several boom of  mobile world  is  evolving  wider and wider.
so now its necessary to site maker or blogger to  make the  mobile  version of  their blog  an websites.
recently  i was searching  something  in blogger draft i found  that this  new  feature  introduced by  blogger official teams already.
however  their are many  sites offering  offering  to convert  their  blogs and  sites to convert it  to mobile version .but due  to different url and non working  on native url  it not enjoyable to owners.
so by this  feature  you gonna  happy very much

How to activate Mobile version  Templates on Blogger for mobile devices:

Firstly Login to your draft.blogger.com .This feature is only available in Draft. If you are lucky, just after logging in to dashboard, you will be treated with a notification asking you to activate Mobile templates for the blog  you have.

If  nothing happened , then go to settings,Email &Mobile and check on

Now done!, you can preview your blog mobile version  template using the Mobile Preview Button.
and  below save  it .Cheers!

Now there is no different annoying different  url accessing mobile version of your blog. Whenever you try to access blog from mobile device, it detects automatically and Mobile version of Blogger blogspot is shown.
This is a very nice step taken by Blogger officials to make it easy for both the publishers and readers of blog.


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